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Performance session, curated by Joaquín Ivars, with Fine Arts students of the University of Málaga

may 24 - may 24, 2019



Everything changes, nothing perishes is the new exhibition that our artist Aideen Barry will present in july at Isabel Hurley Gallery. We are very pleased to announce that for this exhibition, the artist has been awarded with the Culture Ireland Grant. 

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit, is a line from the verses of Ovid's " The Metamorphosis" (8 AD). The line refers to a character granted immortality but not granted the youth to enjoy the immortality. It also refers to our own ability to constantly repeat the mistakes of the past. The reference could be ascribed to the rise of the right in the body politic and in the everyday but it also refers to our own folly and our inability to prevent calamity, doomed to Sisyphean repetition of tasks. This is an area of folly that Barry is drawn to again and again in her practise: the idea of the banality of the task and being doomed to repeat it. 

may 31 - july 20, 2019


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