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Juan del Junco. Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Juan del Junco. Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Juan del Junco will take part in the group shor Nectar, curated by Bureau Phi Art Projects. From Dec. 9th to Feb. 11th at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Pratt Institute, New York.


The faster, bigger, cheaper approach to food that is slowly draining our planet's resources and compromising our health has also attracted the attention of a large number of artists internationally. Merging their aesthetic and social practice, these artists could fit in the expanded field of the “aesthetic of engagement”.
Other participating artists are: Suzanne Anker (USA), Kelly Heaton (USA), Marine Hugonnier (France), Ellie Irons (USA), Lucia Madriz (Costa Rica/Germany), Beth Moyses (Brazil), Anne Percoco (New York), Luis Fernando Ramirez Celis (Colombia) y Carlos Schwartz (Spain)  



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