Between balance and reflection
Isidro López-Aparicio

December 14, 2018 – February 09, 2019

Between Balance and Reflection is the first solo show of López-Aparicio in Málaga after his participation in the Pompidou, at the group show Hors Pistes. It is framed within his reflections on the nature of the human being in balance with himself and in his relationship with the community and the environment.

The action Invertedlearning to relate, internationally acclaimed, provides powerful images full of symbolism. More than two hundred people hung upside down in clusters have experienced their intensity. Together with these images there are sculptures and installations that expand and weave a solid discourse, questioning the established logics.

From its beginnings, the work of López-Aparicio has a marked political and social character. His projects try to encompass the instability of nature and of the humanity itself, in constant process of change, forcing us stopping for a moment to reflect on the futility of what surrounds and conditioned us. He has achieved a very important international acknowledgement by his artistic and activist actions, managing its career in the right way to escape from conventionalisms, in order to, from art as an element of reflection and social commitment, arises an image of credibility and an international presence. His works has been regularly been part in international fairs and in nmany solo and group shows and interventions along the five continents: from Tate Modern to Darat al Funun (Aman, Jordan); GAM, Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Palermo; Pompidou Center (Malaga and Paris) or ARTIUM, Vitoria.

Isidro Lópe-Aparicio is Ph in Fine Arts, developing his academic career teaching at the University of Granada. He is, also, Honorary President of the Fine Art European Forum, editor of the Journal for Artistic Research, President of the Union of Artists and member of the Institute for research about Peace and Conflicts and of the Artists and Pension Trust, among others evidencies of his social compromises. He has pronounce lectures in many academic or institucionals events and curated festivals and exhibitions all over the world.

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