Conceptual Andalusia: Européens en Vol-texte, 128 photographies et 1 exposition de Juan del Junco

September 30 – November 12, 2016

After showing in the recently closed exhibition the first phase of the project, Conceptual Andalusia: Europeens en vol – Texte, 128 photographes et 1 exposition de Juan del Junco offers the posibility of a complete visit, with the images contained in the files once the groups have been composed hanging in the gallery, as seen in the individual exhibition that Sema D’Acosta organized for the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales in Madrid as a part of the official program of Photoespaña. Now these pieces play a prominent role, but their files will be available to the spectator interested in consulting them in a new context, like the old ornithological books, which are the geneis of everything else.

In the course of the exhibition a chat between the artist and the critic and organizer Sema D’Acosta will take place.

The starting point of the project is the personal memory of the artist, who dives into his memories to recover two books he looked a as a child: Oiseaux en vol (1962) and Wild Andalusia. Coto Doñana (1967), by Charles-A. Vaucher. From this evoked image, seeking the reconstruction of his memory, he constructs a metaphor linked to freedom and to migratory routes with which he reflects on what happens every day in Europe.

Juan del Junco explores the connection between art and science and their respective methods and systems of representation, making authentic image inventories, in which visual uniqueness and cleanliness prevail, classifying them according to subjective criteria that are more related to the subjectivity of a conceptual speech linked to their own vital and existential experience than to biological taxonomy. This project translates the nostalgia of some of his childhood memories through locations in those landscapes with which the artist is identified, but it also refers from that nostalgia to the loss of dreams and to the uprooting of all those young people who have been forced to leave their respective environments.

With this proposal, he stress once again the landscape as a vehicle to reafirm the identity and to formulate critic messages, albeit in a certain romantic way. On the other hand, it is essential to include numbers, whose meaning, beyond winking at the parents of conceptual art, shows the willingness for that the spectator not to stop in the mere contemplation of the lanscape. Likewise, the assembly in series secured with pins of different colored heads, which evokes the work cabinet of an ornithologist and suggests the succession of the different chapters of a bird treatise, reinforces this intention. This is a crucial aspect and, as Sema D’Acosta points out in her text, it is at the same reading level as the narration that the images themselves compose.


Juan del Junco, Jerez de la Frontera, 1972

Solo Shows (recent)

2016 · Conceptual Andalusia: Européens en vol.Les Archives. Galería Isabel Hurley

2016 · Conceptual Andalusia: Européens en vol. Organized by Sema D´Acosta, Museo Nacional de Ciecias Naturales. Madrid. Official program of Photoespaña.

2013 · El lenguaje. Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid. Festival Off PHE 2013

2011 · Taxonomías. Sala Puerta Nueva. Córdoba

2010 · Pinturas y otras obsesiones. Galería Alfredo Viñas. Málaga

2009 · El sueño del Ornitólogo II: Cuaderno de campo. Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid, Festival OFF of PhotoEspaña 09

2008 · El naturalista y lo habitado: trazas, huellas y el artificio del artista. Sala Cajasol Sevilla, Sala Cajasol, Jerez.* CATALOGUE

· El sueño del ornitólogo. Sala siglo XXI, Museo de Huelva.* CATALOGUE

· El sueño del ornitólogo II (del Phylloscopus sibilatrix a la Oxiura jamaicensis). Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo. Sevilla

Group Exhibitions (recent)

2016. · Animalista, organized by Rafael Doctor. Casa Encendida Madrid

· Lo Audio-visual. Videoarte en las colecciones de 9915, organized by Alicia Ventura, Cicus. Sevilla

· Cómo hacer arte con palabras, Estrategias lingüisticas concetuales y postconceptuales. Organized by Manuel Olveira MUSAC

· Colecionar, clasificar: más allá del archivo y del documento. Organized by Juan Antonio Alvarez Reyes. CAAC. Sevilla

2015 · Open Studio Madrid. Artista Invitado Nave Oporto

· Nepotismo ilustrado. Organized by Juan Francisco Casas. Galería Fernando Pradilla. Madrid.

· El rumor de la montaña. Organizer Marta del Corral. Sala Fundación Cruzcampo (Málaga)

· XXXVI Certamen Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo “Ciudad de Utrera”. Utrera (Sevilla) Catalogue

2014. · Reproductibilitat 1.2 fundacion AENA + Es Baluard. Organized by Angeles Imaña and Nekane Aramburu. Es Baluard Mallorca

· Certamen de Arte contemporaneo de Pollença

· Frida en celo, organized by Arantxa Boyero. Art Nit Campos. Auditorio de Campos, Mallorca

· La Vietnamita, organized by Marlon de Azambuja. Espacio OTR, Madrid




Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo. Sevilla

CAC Málaga


Per Amor a L´Art (Bombas Gens)

Centro de Fotografía de la Universidad de Salamanca

Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma

Colección DKV

Colección Caja Madrid

Colección Caja Madrid Sevilla

Colección Circa XXI

Colección Fundación provincial de Artes Plásticas Rafael Botí

Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud. Córdoba

Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud. Málaga

Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Pamplona

Fundación Unicaja, Málaga

Universidad de Córdoba


Excmo Ayuntamiento de Utrera

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