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Data Sheet

Title: GON-NG
Year: 2015
Length: 08: 45
Format: monocanal
Sound: Barbara Held
Realization, camera, edition, post-production: Francesca Llopis
Sound Master: Ferran
Edition : AVID Fáctory
Master Format: secuencia de imágenes en tiff + archivo de sonido wav, 1920×1080 píxeles (HD)
Viewing Format: archivo quicktime comprimido en H264
Ed.: 1/1
Premiere: Festival FLUX, Barcelona

The conceptual support is a notebook, what I have pointed out are images that appear as visions of a trip to the East, capturing a contemplative state that belongs to the idiosyncrasy of these cultures, as well as the urban noise that invades the day a day.
The contrast of the images suggests a dynamic of dialogue in which nature has a meaning that goes beyond biology, since Shintoism declares it sacred, as it does every living being.
The contrast of the images also suggests a dynamic of dialogue between the collective movements that could be recognized as part of our memory and what is very close, or rather of a particular memory, loaded with private content.
The smallest always leads us to what we recognize, in some way we are sensitive even if the codes are not similar.
Being considered everyday, but hiding another story.

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