Francesca Llopis |
Millor sense aixopluc



Data Sheet

Year: 2021
Location: Arc de Triomf, Barcelona
Length: 04: 44
Format: monocanal
Sound: Francesca Llopis
Production, realization, camera y edition: Francesca Llopis
Ediction : Premiere
Master: images secuence in tiff + sound file wav, 1920×1080 pixels (HD)
Viewing format: quicktime compressed file in H264
Ed.: 1/1
Premiere: Museo de Cerdanyola

The margins of the forest in a frenetic movement give us a measure of the passage of time. Nature becomes elusive, it is the metaphor of what disappears, like the memory of what a life has done and that speed dissipates. light in the center, like a capricious body that has no matter that plays with us, without awareness of permanence, but with the conviction of being something essential. And the shadow moves and does not stop. Find a way to capture the static moment. She is the anonymous model, without body or face.

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