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Rithm & Ink



Data Sheet

Títle: 39 rithm&ink
Year: 2015
Length: 04: 52
Music: Djuna Lund Llopis
Máster Format: secuencia de imágenes en tiff + archivo de sonido wav, 1920×1080 píxeles (HD)
Viewing format: archivo quicktime comprimido en H264
Realization, camera, edition, post-production: Francesca Llopis Edición : AVID Fáctory
Edición: 1/1
Premiere: Festival FLUX, Barcelona

We find ourselves in a space of experimentation in which the video fulfills the function of “animating” and “stirring” pictorial ideas, which develop in space and time with the concept of length, in an essentially poetic atmosphere. Time that flows, pages that move, ink that flows. Coincidences between rhythm and liquid. Ink that draws in chance, time as an accident. The rhythm of the drops that fall like the impulse of the same notes.

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