Francesca Llopis |
White Tears



Data sheet

Year: 2018
Location: Korea-Barcelona
Length: 08: 09
Format: monocanal
Sound: Barbara Held
Realization, camera, edition, post-production: Francesca Llopis
Sound Master: Ferran
Edition : AVID Fáctory
Master Format: images secuence in tiff + sound file wav, 1920×1080 píxeles (HD)
Viewing Format: archivo quicktime comprimido en H264
Ed.: 1/1
Premiere: Festival FLUX, Barcelona festival LOOP, Barcelona, Lumen Gallery, Kyoto

This film explains the process of my artistic activity. From painting I create moving images. I explore the different layers of landscapes and memories with a syncopated rhythm in the linking of the sequences. I am interested in capturing the viewer, provoking intellectual effects and physical sensations.

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