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Title: Quietas (1, 4, 6)
Year: 2021
Format:  single channel, sound
Length:  2´
Music: Luis de la Torre
Master Format: images secuence in tiff + sound file  wav, 1920×1080 píixels         (HD)
Viewing Format: quicktime file compressed  in H264
Ed: 1 + AP

Female figures from which stems sprout, from which a landscape emerges, which become the landscape itself. Their skin is not a border or armor, but something porous, open, and flowing. With empathy towards the environment, instead of protection, hostility, or fear. They are symbiotic. Their stillness is calm, serenity, power, fullness.

Solo shows
Sin piel, curated by Susana BlasSala Kubo Kutxa, San Sebastián ( ESP)

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