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La descarga



Data Sheet

Title: La descarga

Year: 1975
Sequences: 23 stills from Violencia mujer Series, La descarga.
Color: black and white
Direction and realization: Marisa González
Script: Marisa González
Special Collaboration: Nerea Calvillo
Acknowledgements: Germán C. Urabayen, Carlos Jiménez, Menene Gras


After reading a story in a newspaper of Washington DC on violence and repression against women in Chilean prisons, Marisa González initiated a project with the collaboration of colleagues and professors at the Corcoran School of Art, who intends to dramatize the impact of violence on their bodies, creating a photographic series of performative base, standard practice in feminist consciousness-raising groups under the slogan «the personal is political». Among the participants are her teacher and artist Mary Beth Edelson, and her classmate Karen Sommerville. With Karen, makes her first performance video at the Corcoran Gallery entitled Violence, where political repression and torture are reflected by sequences of action painting on a wall of the room.
Subsequently, Marisa González will work on these photo sessions mounting them on modular series of high contrast acetates as shown at the Corcoran DuPont Center in Washington DC in 1975; in New York Cayman Gallery, 1977; and in 78 at the Museum of Contemprary Art MEAC, Madrid, among others.

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