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Data Sheet

Title: Ensueño. Electronic video ópera poem

Directed by: Marisa González
Length: 7´30”
Year: 1993-98
Músic: Pedro Garhel
Voice and performer: Elena Montaña
Sound digital edition: Hygo Wenterdal
Digital images edition: Avid.
Master: digital photograph Lumena
Formats: DVD
TV Systems: PAL


The video was created for the opera Escenas de la vida diaria, directed by Gregorio Esteban, with music by Marisa Manchado, premiered at the Abbey Theatre during the Autumn Festival in 1996, and in the Festival de Música Contemporánea in Alicante (ESP).
The video was modified and presented again as an autonomous product in the Festival de Vídeo de las Islas Canarias (ESP).
This work is part of a large series of images generated through the computer system Lumena. This computer system lets her investigate also about the shape and the concept. This full series are developed mainly in the field of photography, installations, slides and video projections.
This program breaks the real signs into the simulated signs which are represented by fragmentation, serialization, multiplication of images and meanings.
The visual dialogue of the broken dreams is a project where the representation of the images is captured by a still video camera, manipulated and generated by the computer with the digital palette. The altered body is a cloned artifice as the register, the mark of the memory of the dreams.
A female character, the composer, is invaded by professional doubts, identity and above all obsessed with the incompatibility between her profession and motherhood. The subconscious allied with technology puts in order all its potential, and invaded by notes and dreams, manages successfully  everything to carry out his life project.
The structure of this video is articulated in three parts based in the women´s life where the main character claims the right to develop her dreams and to break her silence; to register her identity and her own territory;  to expand the idea of growth in order to rebuilt a new idealistic prototype; to follow a path of alteration of the establish order toward a different code, a different language; and to make her own rules. This new path is a new way to create her own personal life, its own space, a room of her own.

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