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Matadero Express



Data Sheet

Title: Matadero express
Year: 2013
Direction and realization: Marisa González
Edited: Borja Pérez
Master: mini DV.
Formats: DVD
Aspect ratio 4/3
Acknowledgment: Nerea Clavillo, Carlos Jimenez, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Released: 2013 at the Els Baluard Museum in Palma de Mallorca (ESP)

The Matadero project was done in 2003, prior to the refurbishment of this industrial complex. The recorded material is a large number of pictures, taken not only of the great open spaces, rooftop and central halls, but of many others reformed along the previus ten years, “erasing” every vestige of its original use in order to use them in new ways.
That’s why Matadero-Madrid is so important and can somehow be  example of the industrial gentrification movement tin Spain,  for the purposes of analyzing, recording and giving value to new and existing uses of industrial architecture.
With some of the recorded video material, for example in drying hall, the author made a video showing of feminine presence fleeing and retreating the cordoned area; the camera in a panoramic 360º  of Madrid and digitally transformed to create new geometric spaces that suggest the process of mutation.

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